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Do these statements make India’s Prime Minister look sexist?

This originally appeared in AJ+ Medium Warning: Satire. The following includes direct quotes from India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, followed by a possible interpretation of his thoughts. Is Modi clueless … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t think we’d have to publish a non-white reading list.

For AJ+ on Medium #AJPlusReads: Our “Don’t call it an ’alternative’” alternative book list We weren’t impressed with The New York Times summer reading list. Not only were all the … Continue reading

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What’s racist about dots and feathers?

For AJ+ on Medium “Dot or feather?” is a racist idiom sometimes heard in conversation in the U.S., when asking or joking about whether someone is of South Asian or … Continue reading

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A Timeline of Multiracial America

A timeline using TimelineJS

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Reports of Forced Religious Conversions Grab Headlines in India

Following the landslide victory of Narendra Modi and his BJP party during the last elections in India, reports of forced religious conversions seem to be on the rise, and international media is taking notice. … Continue reading

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Student Union Supports Divestment from Israel

This article originally appeared in The Berkeley Graduate. Students in the University of California Workers Union voted last week to take a political stance and join a national campaign called … Continue reading

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What does it take to feed the globe? Events through the Berkeley Food Institute and San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club highlight food and climate

This post was originally published in The Berkeley Graduate. How will the world feed a planet of seven billion people during drought, disaster, and rising temperatures? The climate change’s effects … Continue reading

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Maine artists’ collective, stopping in Oakland, urges ‘No’ vote on Prop 1

Article by Ethan Bien, photos by Lakshmi Sarah. This post originally appeared in Oakland North. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Beehive Collective’s posters are whole books. … Continue reading

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Protests Against the UC Berkeley Fee Increase

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Meet the Kalette, the newest hybrid vegetable in town

Kale is annoying. Not only as a cultural concept, but preparing it can be tedious: Washing it, cutting out the stems, cooking it with enough spices — but not too … Continue reading

March 12, 2015 · Leave a comment

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