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Why Are There So Few Female College Presidents?

Lady in the Ivory Tower post by Lakshmi Sarah on April 2, 2013 – 4:27pm; tagged academia, college, feminism,presidents, university, women. Women make up a majority of college students, but at the top of the academic ladder, the percentage … Continue reading

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“Like me, my daughter will be someone else’s daughter. It depends on them.”

Harshi Devi, age 42 Ginwalla village , Mandakini valley, Rudraprayag District, Garhwal Himalayas Harshi Devi is preparing potatoes for sowing as she speaks. She is the secretary of the local … Continue reading

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“Hard work” (on what it takes to be a farmer)

Sarojany Devi has four daughters between age 14 and 20. All of her daughters are in school now. Sarojany manages 40 nali (20 nali = approx 1 acre) of land … Continue reading

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“The spoon with which we give, the old woman knows how to use.”

Abbaldey, age 56 Souri Vinowapuri village, Mandakini valley, Rudraprayag District, Garhwal Himalayas  “If one time we eat food and it is not enough, then we cook a second time,” Abbaldey … Continue reading

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“Without seed there is nothing at all”

Narmada Devi, age 68 Bhatwari village, Mandakini Valley, Rudraprayag District, Garhwal Himalayas Narmada Devi, named after India’s Narmada river, was 11 when she came to Bhatwari village. She works on … Continue reading

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“Everything comes from the earth. We sow one, and thousands come.”

Ganeshi Devi, age 80+ Bhatwari Village, Mandakini Valley, Rudraprayag District,  Garhwal Himalayas Surrounded by her harvest, Ganeshi Devi’s short frame sits comfortably amidst the dal laid out to dry. “The dal … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Twenty Women Farmers

Celebrating women farmers at the forefront of the Indian organic movement, Twenty Women Farmers allows the reader a glimpse into their daily lives. These women are not celebrities or public … Continue reading

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Ganeshi Devi

Listen to Ganeshi Devi, from Mandakini Valley, Uttarakhand sing a Slok. Listen here

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