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The Future of Music

Produced for Fusion media October 16, 2016

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Nigerian-American Olympic Rower

Produced for Fusion media August 6, 2016

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China’s “Christmas village” – where 60% of all Christmas decorations are made.

Produced for AJ+ December 12, 2016 Turns out Santa's real workshop is China's “Christmas village” – where 60% of all Christmas decorations are made. — AJ+ (@ajplus) December 11, 2015

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360 Video: A Change is Gonna Come

Produced for KQED Arts, May 8, 2016

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Live Coverage: Burlingame, Ca

Photo and video live coverage for Fusion. "He's trying to divide us!" Listen up, folks – Captain Mexico has something to say. #CAGOPconvention — Fusion (@Fusion) April 29, 2016 "We … Continue reading

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Alejandro Nieto’s Parents Speak Out

Assistant produced for AJ+ (produced by Wendi Jonassen, art by Dolly Li)

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Can Outsiders Make Films About India in an Honest Way?

Written for KQED Arts, April 14, 2016 Sold tells the story of a 12-year-old Nepali girl trafficked to India for sex slavery. The film is based on a book for … Continue reading

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Reimagining Black Lives Matter & Black Panther Icons

For North Gate Radio, April 2016

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Students Reimagine Black Lives Matter & Black Panther Icons

Bay Area teens Jessica Hairston and Camille Schmitt have been learning a lot about identity lately, through experiences like watching Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza, on Youtube videos and meeting … Continue reading

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Culture Cue: How Do We Save the Artistic Soul of the Bay Area?

Written for KQED Arts, March 10, 2016 What is an “artistic” soul and how do we nurture one for our communities, our cities and our broader region? As a Bay … Continue reading

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