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‘We’re Ringing the Alarm’: Efforts Rise to Ensure Monkeypox Spread Is Taken Seriously

As of July 15, there were at least 86 confirmed cases of monkeypox in San Francisco. The virus spreads through close physical contact, and rates of infection right now are highest … Continue reading

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Grand Jury: Major Health and Safety Violations at Santa Rita Jail Require ‘Urgent Attention’

For KQED News. Serious safety violations, inadequate medical services and poor sanitation are among a host of critical issues plaguing Santa Rita Jail, Alameda County’s notorious lockup. That’s according to … Continue reading

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How to Attend a Rally Safely in the Bay Area

For KQED News. The decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was announced on Friday, overturning Roe v. Wade and eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion. California guarantees the … Continue reading

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Unpacking Reparations Eligibility in California

For KQED News. Reparations in California is a series of KQED stories exploring the road to racial equity in the state. Updated 1:55 p.m. Wednesday At a contentious meeting Tuesday, California’s … Continue reading

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‘It Means to Repair’: What You Should Know About Reparations for Black Californians

Updated Thursday, May 12 For KQED News. Reparations in California is a series of KQED stories exploring the road to racial equity in the state. Skip straight to: I was born … Continue reading

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Photos: Year of the Tiger Sees Community Come Together for Joyous Chinese New Year Parade

From KQED News. For the first time in two years, the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade saw acrobats and small children alike leaping across the city as they celebrated … Continue reading

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From Credit Scores to Job Applications: California’s Reparations Task Force Looks to Algorithms

For KQED News. The tech industry is intricately linked to California’s identity and economy, bringing in an estimated $520 billion per year according to the Computing Technology Industry Association, a nonprofit trade … Continue reading

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Through the Mushroom Portal: Why Mushrooms Are Popping in the Bay Area and Tips for Fungi Foraging

Published on KQED news. In the past few weeks, the Bay Area has received a deluge of rain. In addition to replenishing groundwater and aquifers, the rain has allowed a … Continue reading

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Omicron and Kids: Advice From a Stanford Pediatric Disease Expert

This post appeared on KQED News. For many parents and caregivers of children under 5 years old, the pandemic still feels far from over, with vaccines not yet available for … Continue reading

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‘She Was Prophetic’: Bay Area Remembers Groundbreaking Author and Cultural Critic bell hooks

Published on KQED news. Author, professor and cultural critic bell hooks had deep ties to the Bay Area. She went to Stanford and received her Ph.D. from UC Santa Cruz, but … Continue reading

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