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Teaching the Future  

DACA in 360 VR | A DACAmented Teacher

Since graduating from Penn, Erick Silva, 23,  has been teaching. He currently teaches ninth-grade world history in San Jose, California. Silva is one of about 9,000 DACAmented teachers according to the Migration Policy Institute.

“It’s so weird how to some people, it’s just policy. To my community, its our lives,” says Silva. Teaching is his form of advocacy.

Special thanks to the VR Creators Lab, YouTube Space Los Angeles, Google and The California Endowment.


Jacob Simas | Manager, Rise Up: Be Heard

Lakshmi Sarah | Producer

Melissa Bosworth | 360 Editing

Music | Lazy Salon – Autocollants


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This entry was posted on February 6, 2018 by in 360 video, Fusion.

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