Lakshmi Sarah

Producer, Educator & Writer

‘Wir Sind Mehr’: anti-racism concert draws tens of thousands to Chemnitz

On air with KCRW Berlin

People from all over Germany came out on Monday to challenge a wave of far-right demonstrations in Chemnitz. The “Wir Sind Mehr” concert was organized following a wave of far-right protests in the city in the wake of the fatal stabbing of a local man, and the arrests of two suspects, both immigrants.

We spoke to Lakshmi Sarah, a journalist from the United States, who attended the concert, featuring prominent German punk and hip-hop bands, including headliners Die Toten Hosen.

Sarah says: ” There was a very clear police presence and walking through the city…I was definitely nervous about not only my safety but the safety of others, but overall the feeling in the city was like a cautious excitement.” What stuck out most for Sarah at the concert in Chemnitz was a: “…feeling of community where everyone’s coming together for a common purpose.”

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